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Likee video Downloader is an Online tool to download videos from Like. Like videos, lovers can download any video in mp4 or HD format without any hassle. So what are you waiting for, just select your favorite trending video and download it without paying any single amount. You can download Like videos without software.

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How to Download Likee Videos Online ?


Open Like Video

In the first Step simply open Like website or Facebook app.


Copy Video URL

In the next step, Go to your selected video and copy the video URL.


Paste URL

Now, come to site and paste the URL in the search and click on the download button.

About Go Likee Video Downloader - Fast, Free & Simple

Like is a video creation and sharing platform. Like (formerly LIKE) is a popular short video making and editing app. It was launched in July 2017 and it became the world's most popular short video apps. It is the same as the TikTok but it offers a unique feature, apart from TikTok. Like features magical video editing tools includes special effects, music magic filters, stickers and beauty cameras. All these tools enable users to easily make a magical and amazing short video without too many efforts.

Godownloading like a video downloader tool from where you can download your favorite Like video with a very easy process. Likee Video Downloader is a free tool to save like videos on your desktop and mobile phones. You can download videos of Like in mp4, mp3 and 720 formats.

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Online Like Video Downloader Feature Highlights:

  • Brand new Makeup which lets you put on exquisite makeup on your face in seconds!
  • Like is a tool with countless special effects, thousands of stickers, and magical emoticons, each of your selfies will look truly one-of-a-kind.
  • It includes cutting-edge Music Magic filters, creating exclusive Music Videos with special effects at full sync with the music's beat.
  • Have smart features such as Hair Color, 4D Magic, Superpowers, which will let you shoot blockbuster videos on your mobile phone.
  • Supreme, the fastest production tool that turns your photos into blockbuster movies in seconds.
  • Video dubbing, with a collection of dubbing scripts from the world's most popular movies, you can be the star of any movies you want.
  • It will have fun and learn new knowledge from countless high-quality original video content.
  • It is an innovative magical LIVE broadcasting platform, experiencing something new with our unique interactive gameplay and gift effects.
  • You will quickly get to meet new friends in your city through short videos with the "Nearby" feature.
  • Like is a global short video creation platform, where everyone has a chance to gain popularity, billions of video views and quickly become the next internet sensation.
  • How to download likee a video with godownloading (Using like a website)?

    Like Video Downloader is very hassle free tool for downloading videos. One can easily download videos from or Like app without any hassle. Just follow the below steps to save like videos:

    Step 1: Go to the website of

    Step 2: Select the video of your choice which you want to download.

    Step 3: Now, Copy Video URL.

    Step 4: Now open and paste the copy URL to the download box and hit the download button.

    Step 5: after that download page is open and right-click to "download videos" button and save it.

    How to download like a video with godownloading (using Like app)?

    Step 1: First of all Open Like App.

    Step 2: Select any video of your choice which you want to download.

    Step 3: Then click on the 3-dot button (...) right-top corner and copy link, like given below on image image.

    Step 4: Now open and paste the copy URL to the download box and hit the download button.

    Step 5: After that download page is open and Long press the "download videos" button and download link.