Privacy Policy

Go Downloading takes privacy of our users very seriously and we ensure to take all the required steps we can take from our end to provide the best data security to our users. Although no platform on the internet can ensure complete data security, Go Downloading keeps upgrading our tools to ensure the best data security to our users. We do not process or take any confidential data from our users to use our platform. We make sure to provide the best experience to our users with the best safety measures. If you have any doubt regarding our data policy, you can feel free to contact us anytime and we will revert back at the earliest.

User Consent

If you continue to use Go Downloading any further it means you agree with our data policy and you give us your consent for your data as per the terms mentioned in this privacy policy.

Information Go Downloading Accesses Automatically From Our Users

Go Downloading collects certain information from our users’ when they visit our website automatically to ensure the best user experience for them. If you are visiting our website then you agree with these terms. The automatically captured data may include the browser you are using and the device you are using to interact with our website to provide you with the best optimized experience based on your browser and the device that you’re using. Go Downloading may automatically information like your browser, IP address, access time, device identifier, the web page you redirected from, the URL you browse to next, your interaction with the content on our website, the web pages on our website you already have access to, our services and advertising.

Although at Go Downloading, we do not collect any personal information form our users’ but if in a case where we need personal data from our users’ we never do so without their consent. In case where we need any personal information from our users’ we inform them in advance with a proper reason on why we need the data and how their data will be used. When our users choose to contact us via our contact form for any of their query then in that case we might store the required information like their name, email and other information that our users want to provide us with their consent. Go Downloading makes sure not to share any of the personal data to any third party.

Use of Acquired Information

Go Downloading makes sure to use any personal data collected by our users for the best practices and in the most ethical ways possible. Here is a brief on how we use the data collected by our users’ with their consent

  • To provide our users’ with the best user experience and to reach out to them for answering their queries and their doubts.
  • To send them surveys and other such forms to get the feedback of our users to improve their experience on our website.
  • To send promotional offers, products informational and the information about our latest services which we think might benefit our users with their consent.
  • To show you our special set of advertisements or information on our website or on other online platforms.
  • To show you our own set of recommendations based on your interests.
  • To keep our users informed about the latest terms of service, and privacy policies updated by Go Downloading on our website.

Use of Log Files

Go Downloading doesn’t collect any additional data or any personal data from our users to collect their log files. We follow standard procedure to collect the log files data on our website. Log files information does not include any personal data of any user and it is simply collected to give user-specific experience to every user on our website. The data connected in log files data might include IP addresses, Internet Service Provider, time and date stamp, browser type, number of specific uses, and exit or referring pages. As we already specified to our users it does not include any of the personal users and is only intended to analyze the latest trends and understand the demographic of our users to serve them better.

Use of Cookies

Go Downloading uses cookies on our websites to enhance the user experience of our users on our website. Whenever a user visits our website for the first time Go Downloading uses cookies to store and collect certain user behaviour of the users when they visit our website or any other website. The cookies used by Go Downloading are not harmful to our users or their data by any means.

Use of DART Cookies

Google is our third party partner to show you ads on our website and it uses DART cookies to identify your internet browsing history. Again it does not collect any confidential information from our users and you can decline to accept DART cookies on your browser by visiting the below link:

Privacy Policy for Advertising Partners

Go Downloading displays ads on our website that are shown by our third-party advertisement partners like Google. They may use the technology like cookies, JavaScript and Web Beacons to collect certain user information and track their advertisement. They may also collect the user address to campaign the effectiveness of their campaigns and to give fair ad metrics. Go Downloading has no control over such data by our third party advertisement partners and we do not access these data.

Privacy Policy for Third Parties

Go Downloading here wants to clearly state and confirm it to our users that our privacy policy doesn’t apply to any third-party website or platform that displays their ads on our website. You can check their privacy policy by visiting the privacy policy on their website. We advise our users to take check with the third party websites for their data policy. You can also turn off cookies in your browsers in case you need to do so in your browser settings.

Contact Information

For any of your doubts on our privacy policy or any other questions about the Go Downloading platform you can feel free to contact us anytime by leaving a mail on

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