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General Terms and Conditions

Godownloading.com welcomes our users to our website which allows you to download your favorite videos from various social media platforms. With Godownloading.com you are able to download videos from popular social media sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other sites. Our platform is free to use and you can download as many videos you want in a day as there is no maximum capping on the number of free videos. Read our terms and conditions to know more about the rules that you need to comply with for using our website. These terms and conditions help us ensure the fair use of our platform and help us make our platform a better place for our users.


To use our video converter tools that allows you to download videos from your favorite social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other platforms you need to follow these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to any user who is using any of our services.

  • All the services on our website to help our users make their life easier and comfortable. You must follow these rules and regulations to use any of our services otherwise you will be considered an unauthorized user on our website.
  • We strongly condemn the use of any intellectual property, content, services, advertisements or other copyright of Godownloading without our written permission.
  • Godownloading reserves the right to change or modify any of our services, content or our terms and conditions without any prior notice.


  • Antivirus: The term is used to mention malware or harmful software that might harm your devices.
  • Users: The term is used for people who are using our website or services.
  • Website: This term is used for “www.godownloading.com”.
  • Content: The term defines any text, graphics, image, any information or any intellectual property on Godownloading.com website.


We have ensured to provide you with the right information on our website. We have verified our content and all the other information and materials on our website by our experts but we do not give any warranty on any of our services or products.


All the information and materials provided on our website are there to provide information to our users on how our video downloader tools work. We can modify any content or information on our website without any prior information if the functionality of our tools changes. We do not guarantee the speed, functionality, or features of our website although we make sure to provide our users with the best user experience.

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